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LIB: Available for free through your UBC LOCR account. You must be registered in the course to be able to view some of these readings, and may also be asked to logon with your CWL account for library access depending on your location. For some of the readings, you may have to click "UBC eLink" or "View Full Text" to get the full text online.

PAC: You can either secure the following cases directly from Harvard, Ivey & Stanford or get them all packaged together for your convenience in an Ivey Case Package.

  • Day 3: The Philips Group: 1987 (Harvard Case 9-388-050)
  • Day 7: Prediction Markets at Google (Harvard Case 9-607-088)
  • Day 8: Azza Fahmy Jewellery: Restructuring a Successful Startup (Ivey Case W13653)
  • Day 9: Sirtris Pharmaceuticals: Living Healthier, Longer (Harvard Case 9-808-112)
  • Day 11: KiOR: Catalyzing Clean Energy (Harvard Case 9-809-092)
  • Day 13: TopCoder (A): Developing Software Through Crowdsourcing (Harvard Case 9-610-032)
  • Day 14: Innovation at Caterpillar: The D7E Tractor (Stanford Case SM-223)
  • Day 16: Tesla Motors (Harvard Case 9-714-413)

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